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Georgia Stone Products is proposing to invest $40 million in Bartow County. We conduct thorough due diligence to assure the project site is viable in all respects, including the ability to be a responsible good neighbor. We can’t afford not to.

Our site evaluation requirements include geologic analysis, minerology testing, traffic safety studies, hydrology testing, threatened and endangered species review, noise and vibration evaluation…just to name a few.

We are confident this site can meet the needs of Bartow County in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

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Georgia Stone Product proposes to develop and operate a safe, environmentally responsible, modern aggregate operation to meet the construction materials needs of a growing Bartow County.


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We know that there can be confusion about aspects of aggregate extraction. Learn more about how we operate with the best interest of our community in mind. 


Decisions should be made on facts, not fear.

There’s been a lot of misinformation distributed that has generated fear and anxiety. We want to provide the facts about what we are proposing and our operation so that you can make your own informed opinion. Click on the boxes below for answers to your frequently asked questions. 

What is the Project’s Impact on Wildlife Habitat?

The quarry property will be used to create diverse wildlife habitats. Approximately 465 acres (65%) of it is dedicated to buffers, setbacks, non-mining areas and natural landscape. No endangered habitats or threatened or endangered species have been found on site, and a reclamation plan/bond guarantees the site will eventually be returned to its natural state.

What is the Project’s Impact on Wells and Water Supply?

A well study was conducted prior to our application. A large on site well was drilled, continuously pumped, and levels of multiple wells on site were monitored to establish a zone of influence. The results of the study concluded that our zone of influence is wholly contained within the 715 acres, and zero adjacent parcels have a well within the zone of influence. Additionally, the entire site lies outside of a groundwater recharge area. Thus, we can confidently say our site will have no impact on your local water supply.

What is the Project’s Impact on Congestion and Safety at the Quarry Entrance?

The traffic volume complies with all applicable traffic engineering standards. This includes safety signage at the entrance/exit and along Route 140 and acceleration and deceleration turn lanes to enhance safety. Only 92 trucks total will enter and exit the site on daily average.

What is the Project’s Impact on My Home’s Foundation?

Ground vibrations strong enough to crack foundations would far exceed any allowable limit. The science of extracting rock is highly accurate and well controlled, there has been ZERO incidence of blasting/vibration damage to surrounding property from our operations. Furthermore, 1000' buffers insulate the community from our operation.

What is the Project’s Impact on My Quality of Life?

Thanks to responsible site design and an ample natural buffer, the operation will not be within public view. A combination of our world class safety program and our significant investment in modern energy efficient equipment will suppress noise, control dust, and manage water resources safely and responsibly.

What is the Project’s Impact on My Family’s Health and Wellness?

We comply with rigid Federal Clean Air Act air quality standards. The limestone deposit does not contain asbestos-form minerals or radon, and is extremely low in silica. Modern dust control systems such as a high-pressure, low-volume wet systems and dry collection systems that act like a vacuum control dust. Ample site buffer insulates the operation from neighbors.


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Being a good neighbor means being a good listener, too.​

We welcome your questions and appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact our project director, Kenny Bradley, with any questions you may have about Georgia Stone Products and the Adairsville Quarry project. We would also like to invite you to schedule a tour and see quarry operations for yourself.


We are hosting two open houses to provide factual information about the project and understand and address your concerns in our planning process.

WHEN: June 21st and June 22th 5-7 pm
WHERE: Adairsville High School Cafeteria

Contact INFO

Please contact our project director, Kenny Bradley, with any questions you may have about Georgia Stone Products and the Adairsville Quarry project.

Please email Kenny at Kenny.bradley@georgiastoneproducts.com or call (706) 961-9963.


Founded in Bartow County

Georgia Stone Products was founded in 2016 by Bartow County resident, Bart Boyd. Bart is the third generation in his family to make his career in the quarry industry. Bart started Georgia Stone Products to meet the growing need for a competitive supply of aggregate and sand-based products that support the infrastructure of our growing region. 

In 2017, Georgia Stone Products became part of the Summit Materials family of companies, an aggregate based construction materials company with operations in 23 states and one Canadian Province. 

Summit Materials is distinct in that its member companies retain their local market presence and management to best serve their communities while being able to access the resources and expertise of a national company.

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